Waikanae Volunteer Fire Brigade

Susie has been a member of the Waikanae Volunteer Fire Brigade for 5 years

Kāpiti AED Trust

Susie, along with Sarah Sundgren, another member of the WVFB, set up the Kapiti AED Trust 3 years ago in response to the lack of publicly accessible 24/7 Heart defibrillators. The Trust has successfully arranged for 7 AEDs to now be available in the kapiti area and has run regular free training sessions, so far training over 5oo people.

Fieldway Dune Restoration

Susie is a founding member of the field Way Dunes Restoration Group which has done significant restoration and planting on ther local sand dunes in conjunction with KCDC and GWRC.

Art Gallery

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Assam Medical Trust

Susie is a trustee of the Assam Medical trust which is a Trust set up by local doctors with a goal of educating young women in Assam to improve the general health and quality of life of the families in the area.

Susie has visited India three times and visited Assam during the last visit.  She has also been part of two habitat for Humanity building projects in India and Ethiopia.